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This is the official documentation for Prime Mover.

Rather than trying to write a formal document containing everything it is possible to know about Prime Mover and writing for it, I'm going to instead treat this as a 'living document' and update it as and when it becomes apparent that things need doing... and if that sounds like an excuse not to finish it, you're right, it is.

1. Current version: 0.1

This is the documentation for the current version of Prime Mover.

Using Prime MoverDetails of how to run Prime Mover, its command line options, and various aspects of the build environment.
Installing Prime Mover into a new projectHow to set up Prime Mover as the build tool for a new project.
The core pmfile languageA detailed description of the syntax and semantics of the Prime Mover core language.
The C and C++ pluginThe C and C++ plugin.

2. Older versions

There are currently no older versions of Prime Mover to document.