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1. Introduction

Prime Mover is a build tool, not unlike make. It is designed to be small, portable, flexible, powerful, and is very easy to deploy. It can be distributed along with your application source code and does not require your end user to have anything other than a basic C compiler in order to use it.

For more information, see the About Prime Mover page.

2. Getting it

You can download any release of Prime Mover from the Sourceforge download site.

3. Documentation

Read the friendly manual. You may also join the happy mailing list.

4. News

4.1. 2011-08-27

Released version This fixes a stupid typo in that mysteriously made it through testing...

4.2. 2011-08-26

Released version Fixed a problem where Prime Mover would fail to bootstrap on eglibc ARM platforms; also fixed a bug where the tests would erroneously fail on some configurations.

4.3. 2010-03-12

Released version 0.1.5. (Two years since the last update doesn't mean dead, it means stable!) Prime Mover now works on Interix, a.k.a. Microsoft Unix, a.k.a. Services for Unix, a.k.a. Subsystem For Unix.

4.4. 2008-03-21

Released version 0.1.4. This is an enhancement release; Prime Mover now works on Cygwin; I have implemented new system for crunching the executables which means that they are now half the size of previous versions (and with all the functionality); and you can finally generate literal % signs in an output string.

4.5. 2008-01-13

Released version 0.1.3. This is a bugfix release; %in% and %out% were previously only being honoured in simple{} nodes. They are now honoured in all nodes, which means they can be used from pm.install() calls.

4.6. 2007-09-05

Released version This is a bugfix release; occasionally deep in a hierarchy, things weren't being rebuilt when they should be (a combination of cfile { dynamicheaders } not rebuilding the dynamicheaders, and file {} not expanding its filename).

(0.1.2 was a SVN tagging mistake and does not exist.)

4.7. 2007-02-24

Released version 0.1.1. This is a bugfix release; {REDIRECT, ...} and {PARENT, ...} weren't working under some circumstances.

4.8. 2006-10-12

First version released to the public!